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  • Grade/Status : chercheur/Post-doc
  • Institution : ENS de Lyon
  • Building : Site Monod
  • Office : LE 823 (provisoire)
  • Phone : sans
  • E-mail : roberto.agrusta *at*

    Research topic(s)

  • My research focuses on the dynamic of the lithosphere and mantle. I make use of numerical modelling tools to investigate mantle convection in relationship to its static and dynamic physical proprieties. My personal area of expertise is related to study the interaction between sinking plate and mantle transition zone. My leading interest include to understand what drives and resists plate to sink through or to stagnate in the mantle transition zone, which are the plausible mechanisms to change the slab dynamic, and how the slab-transition zone interaction might have changed through Earth’s history. My recent research focuses on the evolution of mantle convection during magna ocean crystallization to look at the feedback associated with the evolution of the solid/liquid phase change between the solid mantle and the magma ocean(s).