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  • Grade/Statut : PhD student
  • Établissement : ENS de Lyon, Univ Lyon1
  • Bâtiment : Géode
  • Étage : 4e
  • Téléphone : sans
  • E-mail : chloe.alder *at* univ-lyon1.fr

    Thème(s) de recherche

  • As a PhD student, I study the link between seismic anisotropy and small-scale heterogeneities in the Earth’s mantle, i.e. heterogeneities that cannot be resolved by long-period seismic waves.
  • During the first part of my PhD, I showed that in plausible isotropic mantle models, the level of extrinsic radial anisotropy increases as the square of chemical small-scale heterogeneities.
  • This work implies the use of the Fast Fourier Homogenization code, developed by Yann Capdeville in Nantes. It is a tool which allows to find the long-wavelength equivalent of a small-scale isotropic medium. This equivalent medium is smooth, exhibits anisotropy and represents what would be observed in tomography.
  • One aspect of the future work is to study how much extrinsic azimuthal anisotropy is induced in 3D structures such as oceanic ridges.