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MAGALI John Keith

  • Grade/Status : PhD student
  • Institution : UCBL1
  • Building : Géode
  • Floor : R4 (4e) 14.015a
  • Phone : sans
  • E-mail : john-keith.magali *at*

    Research topic(s)

  • Traditionally, the inversion of long period surface waves producing models of azimuthal anisotropy within the mantle has been interpreted by seismologists as horizontal mantle flow. Since mantle dynamics is rather a complex process, the flow may not be horizontal. This boils down to the question: Could these waves be used to constrain the full patterns of mantle deformation?
  • As such, I develop methods for geodynamic tomography, a reconciliation of seismology and geodynamics. In this work, I apply nonlinear inversion algorithms with Bayesian inference of surface waves constrained by geodynamics. Such methods reduce the number of model parameters, and will try to capture intrinsically the effects of thermal(and later, compositional) structure onto long wavelength anisotropy.