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  • Grade/Status : Post-Doc - UCB Lyon1
  • Institution : UCB Lyon1
  • Floor : R4
  • Office : 411
  • Phone : (33) xxxx
  • E-mail : melanie.gerault *at*

    Research topic(s)

  • I am interested in how the interactions between the lithosphere and the mantle shape the Earth's surface. I work with numerical models to understand the mecanisms behind plate velocities and lithospheric stresses, including the formation of topography. One of my projects aims at better understanding the net rotation of the lithosphere with respect to the lower mantle using 3D spherical models where plate boundaries evolve self-consistently (in collaboration with Nicolas Coltice). My other project aims at coupling a 2D geodynamic code with a Markov chain Monte Carlo approach in order to determine the physical properties of the Mexican subduction zone, where the subduction is flat and a large earthquake recently occurred (in collaboration with Thomas Bodin).