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MILLET Florian

  • Grade/Status : Etudiant
  • Institution : UCBL1 / Univ de Bergen (Norvège)
  • Building : Géode
  • Phone : +33 (0)4 72 44 79 91
  • E-mail : florian.millet *at*

    Research topic(s)

  • I am doing my research in a joint collaboration between the University Lyon 1 (France) and the University of Bergen (Norway). I am developping a new method to migrate Receiver Functions in a fully 3D scheme combined with a multi-mode approach making use of efficient 3D Eikonal solvers and elastic scattering theory. These new developpements will let us image lateral variations in strong seismic reflectors such as the Moho, subducting plates and the transition zone at a higher resolution than ever before. This method is expected to perform especially well in complex subduction settings such as Cascadia, the Egean Sea or Japan.