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  • Grade/Status : Doctorant
  • Institution : ENS de Lyon
  • Building : Monod
  • Office : LE706
  • Phone : 04 72 72 81 89
  • E-mail : adrien.morison -at-

    Research topic(s)

  • I am working on the dynamics of the primitive Earth mantle. Due to the heat brought by impacts, radiogenic heating, and core differentiation, the primitive mantle may have been totally melted, forming a magma ocean. Depending on the temperature profile and the shape of the solidus in this magma ocean, the crystallization of the solid mantle may have started from the bottom or the middle of the magma ocean. This leads to the formation of a solid spherical shell with magma oceans above and/or below. Convecting matter in the solid shell can cross the boundary between the solid shell and the magma ocean by melting and freezing. This phenomenon is parametrized with a boundary condition applied to the creeping flow in the solid. I study the effects of this boundary condition on the convection in the solid.