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  • Grade/Status : Maître de Conférences - UCB Lyon1
  • Institution : lgltpe UCB Lyon1
  • Building : GEODE
  • Phone : +33 (0)4 72 44 85 13
  • E-mail : renaud.deguen[at]

    Research topic(s)

  • I am a geodynamicist using a combination of laboratory fluid dynamics experiments, numerical simulations, and theory, to understand the dynamics and evolution of the deep Earth. A significant part of my research in the past ten years has been focused on trying to understand the dynamics of the Earth’s inner core, with my colleagues Thierry Alboussière, Philippe Cardin, Sébastien Merkel and Stéphane Labrosse. In the past few years, an increasingly large fraction of my research has become devoted to questions related to the dynamics and evolution of the early Earth, including its formation and differentiation (with Victor Lherm, Maylis Landeau, Peter Olson), and mantle convection in interaction with magma oceans (with Adrien Morison, Stéphane Labrosse, Thierry Alboussière, Fred Chambat).