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BODIN Thomas

  • Grade/Statut : Chargé de Recherche - CNRS
  • Établissement : lgltpe UCB Lyon1
  • Bâtiment : GEODE
  • Étage : R4
  • Bureau : 421
  • Téléphone : +33 (0)4 72 44 79 91
  • E-mail : thomas.bodin[at]ens-lyon.fr
  • URL : http://perso.ens-lyon.fr/thomas.bodin/

    Thème(s) de recherche

  • I am interested in quantifying the state of knowledge we have about the Earth, given the measurements that we make at the surface. This includes solving an inverse problem and finding a model of the Earth that explains our observations. In particular, I am interested in quantifying uncertainties and trade-offs, and exploring the level of resolution associated with different data types and inverse schemes. I have been mainly working on Bayesian (i.e. probabilistic) inverse methods where the solution is a probability density function describing the information we have about the Earth. The goal is to fully take into account observational and theoretical errors, and to propagate them towards model uncertainties. I am also interested in the structure and evolution of the Earth. For example, transdimensional inversion has enable to detect a mid-lithospheric low velocity zone under the Indian craton, and has the potential to better image mantle discontinuities.