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Geolunchs are informal seminars that takes place on friday (12h30-13h30) in room 203 of the La Doua lab.
We talk about planetology, seismology, tectonics, and so on !

Here is the list of coming geolunchs. Join the mailing list this way

Friday 15th of Novembre :   James Hollingsworth (ISTERRE) WARNING : 11h ! "Illuminating active fault zones through correlation of optical satellite imagery" 

Friday 22nd of Novembre : Colin Pagani (comité de thèse)

Friday 29th of Novembre : Francesco Maccaferri (INGV Naples) "The propagation path of magmatic dikes in interaction with heterogeneous crustal stresses: some hints from analogue experiments and numerical simulations"

Friday 6th of Decembre : Céline Beauval (ISTERRE)

Friday 10th of January :  Leonard Seydoux (ISTerre) "Unsupervised clustering of seismic waveforms with deep learning" Datalunch

Friday 17th of January : Adrien Eude (ENS Lyon)

Friday 21st of February : Pierre Borgnat (ENS Lyon)


Past geolunchs 2017-2018

Friday 8th of Novembre : Sophie Giffard-Roisin (IRD, Isterre) "Machine learning and climate change" Datalunch

Friday 25th of Octobre : Nicolas Celli (DIAS)

Friday 4th of Octobre : Paul Cupillard (ENSG) "Handling Geological Structures in Full Waveform Modeling and Inversion"

Friday 18th of Octobre : Thierry Alboussière (LGLTPE) "la dynamo avec les mains"

Friday 20th of Septembre. : Pierre-Philippe Combes (GATE-LSE) Datalunch "A random forest approach to mine historical maps: Land use in France from the mid-18th century"

Friday 5th of July juillet : Frédéric Chambat (LGLTPE) Datalunch "Les naissances et la pleine Lune : apprendre les statistiques et les moindres carrés en s'amusant"

Friday 21st of June : Kristian Olson (Binghamton University)  "Brillouin Spectroscopic Paleothermometry on Ancient Halites from Searles Lake, California: Preliminary Results"

Friday 7th of June : Jérémy Billant (Géoazur) "Performing submarine field survey without scuba gear using GIS-like mapping in a Virtual Reality environment."

Friday 24th of May : Valérie Vidal (LP-ENS) "Triggering large events with small vibrations in granular and solid friction"

Frictional weakening by vibrations was first invoked in the 70's to explain unusual fault slips and earthquakes, low viscosity during the collapse of impact craters or the extraordinary mobility of sturzstroms, peculiar rock avalanches which travels large horizontal distances. This mechanism was further invoked to explain the remote triggering of earthquakes or abnormally large landslides or pyroclastic flows runout. How can endogenous noise or external mechanical disturbances drastically affect the frictional properties? We investigated experimentally the influence of external mechanical waves on both granular and solid friction. When the system is statically loaded, the typical acceleration of the vibrations which trigger large slip events is orders of magnitude smaller than the gravitational acceleration. These results may be relevant to understand dynamic earthquake triggering by small ground perturbations.

Friday 17th of May : Hidenori TERASAKI (Osaka University) "Elastic properties of liquid Fe-alloys under pressure : Implications to the Lunar core"  - ENS Amphi L

Friday 10th May :  Thierry Alboussière (LGLTPE) "Introduction à la théorie de l'information" Datalunch

Friday 3rd of May : Jean-Marc Montel (ENSG) AMPHI L ENS

Friday 19th of  April : Erwin Dehouck (LGLTPE)

Friday 26th of April : Amaury Dehecq (JPL-NASA)

Friday 5th of April : Mike Tetley (LGLTPE) Datalunch

Thursday 28th of March : Kenny Vilella (Academia Sinic, Taiwan)

Friday 22nd of March : Alizée Dubois (ENS Lyon, Laboratoire de Physique)

Friday 1st of March : Catherine Pothier (Insa Lyon) - Datalunch

Friday 15th of February : Antoine Mercier (LGLTPE)

Friday 8th of February : Jérôme Bascou (St Étienne) "Structure et déformation de la lithosphère au Néoarchéen - Paléoprotérozoique : exemple de la Terre Adélie (Est Antarctique)" - ENS Lyon at 14h

Friday 25th of January : Victor Lherm (SEIC, LGLTPE) "Thermal and chemical partitioning dynamics during the differentiation of terrestrial planets"

Thuesday 15th of January : Tanguy Le Borgne (Géosciences Rennes) "Fluid mixing and its consequences on biogeochemical reactions in soils and rocks"

Friday 11th of January : Matthieu Volat (e-mars, LGLTPE)

Friday 14th of Decembre : Timothée Sassolas-Serrayet (U.Montpellier)

Friday 7th of Decembre : Cédric Millot (e-Mars)

Friday 30th of Novembre : Adrien Guérin (MSC, P7)

Friday 23th of Novembre : M2 (ENS amphi L)

Friday 9th of Novembre : Baptiste Rousset (UC Berkeley)

Friday 4th of May - Cathy Quantin (LGL-TPE) ''2020, objectif Mars'' (Présentation des deux missions NASA et ESA prévues pour 2020 et les sites d'atterrissages considérés)

Semaine du 25 juin - Elvira Mulyukova (Yale University)

Friday 6th of April - Riccardo Vassallo (U-Savoie) "Le gap sismique du nord-ouest Himalaya vu par la néo-tectonique"

Friday 30 of March - Vincent Grossi (LGLTPE) Carott in Mayotte, back from field work

Friday 9th of March - Elsa Bayart (Laboratoire de Physique de l'ENS Lyon)

TUESDAY 27th of February - Raphaël Grandin (IPGP) "Induced earthquakes in Oklahoma: current situation and example of the Pawnee earthquake, September 2016, Mw5.7"

Friday 23th of February - Josefine Umlauft (U.Leipzig) "Towards 3D Noise Source Location using Matched Field Processing"

Friday 16th of February - PhD committee of Adrien Morison (LGLTPE) "Mantle convection in interaction with a basal and a surface magma ocean"

Friday, 19th of January - PhD committee of Florian Millet (LGLTPE)

Friday, 12th of January - Simon Cabanes (IRPHÉ) "Global climate modeling of gas giants’ atmosphere"

Friday, 8th of decembre - "The shadow thrusts of East Tibet" Hervé Leloup (LGLTPE)

Friday, 24th of novembre - Papers presentation by M2 students after the Autumn School of Les Houches - 

Friday, 1th of december - Papers presentation by M2 students after the Autumn School of Les Houches - 

Friday, 17th of novembre - Yann Capedeville (U.Nantes)

Friday, 10th of novembre - Long geolunch about "Lagrangian tracers", with Jezabel Curbelo (U.Madrid)

Friday, 27th of octobre - Cédric Twarzdik, (U.Nice) will talk about recent Mexican earthquakes

Friday, 20th of octobre - Lucas Villela, (U.St Etienne) "Gold Mineralization on the South-Central Portion of the Amazonian Craton, Northern Brazil"

Thursday, 19th of octobre - Jenny Wong, (U.Leeds) "How does it snow inside the Earth's core ?"

Friday, the 23th of June - Guillaume Laibe CRAL "On the origin of gaps, rings, horseshoes in protoplanetary discs"