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Geolunchs are informal seminars that take place on fridays (12h30-13h30) in room 203 of the La Doua lab.
We talk about geophysics, including tectonics, planetology, seismology, and more !

Here is the list of coming geolunchs. Join the mailing list this way

Program 2020

Friday 16th October : Jacques Julien (ERIC, Bron) TBD (Datalunch)

Friday 23th October : Marianne Métois (LGL-TPE) TBD

Friday 27th November : Thomas Grenier (CREATIS, Villeurbanne) TBD (Datalunch)

Friday 4th December : Charles Le Losq (IPGP) TBD (Datalunch)


Program 2019

Program 2018

Program 2017