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Geolunchs are informal seminars that takes place on friday (12h30-13h30) in room 203 of the La Doua lab.
We talk about planetology, seismology, tectonics, and so on !

Here is the list of coming geolunchs. Join the mailing list this way

Friday 9th of Novembre : Baptiste Rousset (UC Berkeley)

Friday 16th of Novembre : Timothée Sassolas-Serrayet (U.Montpellier)

Friday 23th of Novembre : M2

Friday 30th of Novembre : Adrien Guérin (MSC, P7)


Past geolunchs 2017-2018

Friday 4th of May - Cathy Quantin (LGL-TPE) ''2020, objectif Mars'' (Présentation des deux missions NASA et ESA prévues pour 2020 et les sites d'atterrissages considérés)

Semaine du 25 juin - Elvira Mulyukova (Yale University)

Friday 6th of April - Riccardo Vassallo (U-Savoie) "Le gap sismique du nord-ouest Himalaya vu par la néo-tectonique"

Friday 30 of March - Vincent Grossi (LGLTPE) Carott in Mayotte, back from field work

Friday 9th of March - Elsa Bayart (Laboratoire de Physique de l'ENS Lyon)

TUESDAY 27th of February - Raphaël Grandin (IPGP) "Induced earthquakes in Oklahoma: current situation and example of the Pawnee earthquake, September 2016, Mw5.7"

Friday 23th of February - Josefine Umlauft (U.Leipzig) "Towards 3D Noise Source Location using Matched Field Processing"

Friday 16th of February - PhD committee of Adrien Morison (LGLTPE) "Mantle convection in interaction with a basal and a surface magma ocean"

Friday, 19th of January - PhD committee of Florian Millet (LGLTPE)

Friday, 12th of January - Simon Cabanes (IRPHÉ) "Global climate modeling of gas giants’ atmosphere"

Friday, 8th of decembre - "The shadow thrusts of East Tibet" Hervé Leloup (LGLTPE)

Friday, 24th of novembre - Papers presentation by M2 students after the Autumn School of Les Houches - 

Friday, 1th of december - Papers presentation by M2 students after the Autumn School of Les Houches - 

Friday, 17th of novembre - Yann Capedeville (U.Nantes)

Friday, 10th of novembre - Long geolunch about "Lagrangian tracers", with Jezabel Curbelo (U.Madrid)

Friday, 27th of octobre - Cédric Twarzdik, (U.Nice) will talk about recent Mexican earthquakes

Friday, 20th of octobre - Lucas Villela, (U.St Etienne) "Gold Mineralization on the South-Central Portion of the Amazonian Craton, Northern Brazil"

Thursday, 19th of octobre - Jenny Wong, (U.Leeds) "How does it snow inside the Earth's core ?"

Friday, the 23th of June - Guillaume Laibe CRAL "On the origin of gaps, rings, horseshoes in protoplanetary discs"