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  • Grade/Status : Directeur de Recherche - CNRS
  • Institution : lgltpe ENS Lyon
  • Office : LE834
  • Phone : 33 (0)4 72 72 81 87
  • E-mail : Bernard.Bourdon at

    Research topic(s)

  • I would like to understand how planets formed starting from minute dust to larger bodies with several thousands kilometer radius. On the way to their accretion, planets acquire chemical and isotope characteristics that may reveal their history. The focus of my research is to develop novel isotope tools to understand the make up of planetary bodies and to build quantitative models that match our observations.
  • A second aspect of my research is environmental isotope geochemistry. We develop of isotope tracers for society-driven applications. For example, we are interested in using new isotope metal tracers to understand how the contamination of these metals can be traced and how remediation methods could be designed.