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METOIS Marianne

  • Grade/Status : Maître de conférences
  • Institution : UCB Lyon1
  • Building : GEODE
  • Floor : 6e
  • Office : 602
  • Phone : 33 (0)4 72 44 58 68
  • E-mail : marianne.metois[at]
  • URL :

    Research topic(s)

  • Seismic cycle and associated strain : I use mainly GPS data together with Insar or tiltmeter observations to constrain the coupling degree of faults during the interseismic and coseismic phases of the seismic cycle. In low straining areas such as intracontinental regions, I use geodesy together with seismic catalogs to build strain rate maps and assess seismic hazard.
  • I am interested in transient deformation either from tectonic origin (slow slip events in subduction contexts, creep) or hydrologically related (due to aquifer deformation as in Italy) as seen in GPS time-series.
  • Filling the theoretical gap between observations of deformation on the short-term scale (tens of years using geodesy) and geological strain rates (quaternary or on the Ma time scale) is one of the scientific challenges that interest me. I work on Chile and Tibet together with geologists on that point.
  • I study mainly the Nazca-South America subduction zone, in particular its Chilean part, and the peri-Adriatic area (Italy, Balkans, in particular Albania).