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  • Grade/Status : CR
  • Institution : Université de Lyon
  • Phone : (33) 4 72 72
  • E-mail :

    Research topic(s)

  • My main research interests are focused on the use of advanced geochemical techniques to better understand the formation of the Solar System, including planetary formation, chemical evolution and internal dynamics, especially of the Earth and Moon. My work was essentially directed on applications of 182Hf-182W short-lived isotopic chronometer, in particular for dating the formation of the Moon and for exploring Earth’s differentiation during the Hadean. I am currently developing new high-precision isotope measurement methods by thermal ionization mass spectrometry for other elements with various geochemical behaviors (lithophile vs. siderophile, refractory vs. volatile) to further constrain the evolution of the protoplanetary disk and the accretion of terrestrial planets.