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Sélection de publications récentes:

Cordey, F., 2020. Timing of Cache Creek Ocean closure: insights from new Jurassic radiolarian ages in British Columbia and Yukon, and their significance for Canadian Cordillera tectonics. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences (in press)

Cordey, F., Quillévéré, F., 2020. Reassessing the age of Karpathos ophiolite (Dodecanese, Greece): consequences for Aegean correlations and Neotethys evolution. Geological Magazine, vol. 157, n° 2, p. 263-274.

Baresel, B., Bucher, H., Brosse, M., Cordey, F., Guodun, K., Schaltegger, U., 2017. Precise age for the Permian–Triassic boundary in South China from high-precision U-Pb geochronology and Bayesian age–depth modeling, Solid Earth, vol. 8, n°2, p. 361-378.

Mortensen, J.K., Lucas, K., Monger, J.W.H., Cordey, F., 2017: Synthesis of U-Pb and Fossil Age, Lithogeochemical and Pb-Isotopic Studies of the Paleozoic Basement of the Quesnel Terrane in South-Central British Columbia and Northern Washington State; in Geoscience BC, Report 2017-1, p. 165–188.

Ovtcharova, M., Goudemand, N., Hammer, Ø., Guodun, K., Cordey, F., Galfetti, T., Schaltegger, U. & Bucher, H. 2015. Developing a strategy for accurate definition of a geological boundary through radio-isotopic and biochronological dating: the Early-Middle Triassic boundary (South China). Earth-Science Reviews. doi:10.1016/j.earscirev.2015.03.006.

Cobbett R., Crowley J., Cordey F., Henderson C.M. & Blodgett R.B., 2015. New U-Pb geochronology and fossil age control, Earn group near Anvil Lake, Central Yukon. Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs. Vol. 47, No. 4, p. 44.

Monger J., Blakey R., Ebert D., Harrison C., Colpron M., Cordey F., Dehler S., Evenchick C., Fensome R., MacRae A., Nelson, J., Nowlan G., Olsen P., Poulton T., Price R., Sweet A., Therrien F., Wielens H., Williams G., Yorath C., Zelenitsky D., Zonneveld J.-P., 2014. Chapter 9. “Pangaea breaks up and mountains rise: Canada 251 to 65.5 million years ago”, in “Four Billion Years and Counting: Canada's Geological Heritage”, Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences, p. 160-191.

Monger J., Blakey R., Ebert D., Harrison C., Colpron M., Cordey F., Dehler S., Evenchick C., Fensome R., MacRae A., Nelson, J., Nowlan G., Olsen P., Poulton T., Price R., Sweet A., Therrien F., Wielens H., Williams G., Yorath C., Zelenitsky D., Zonneveld J.-P., 2014. Chapitre 9. “La fragmentation de la Pangée et le soulèvement des montagnes: le Canada il y a 251 à 65.5 millions d'années”, in “Quatre millions d'années d'histoire: l'héritage géologique du Canada”, Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences, p. 160-191.

Lardeaux J.-M., Munch P., Corsini M., Cornée J.-J., Verati C., Lebrun J.-F., Quillévéré F., Melinte-Dobrinescu M., Léticée J.-L., Fietzke J., Mazabraud Y., Cordey F., Randrianasolo A., 2013. La Desirade island (Guadeloupe, French West Indies): a key target for deciphering the role of reactivated tectonic structures in Lesser Antilles arc building. Bulletin de la Société géologique de France, vol. 184, p. 21-34.

Ferri, F., McMehan, M., Fraser, T., Fiess, K., Pyle, L., Cordey, F., 2013. Summary of field activities in western Liard Basin, British Columbia; in Geoscience Reports 2013, BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Natural Gas.

Gagnon, J.-F., Barresi, T., Waldron, J.W.F., Nelson, J.L., Poulton, T.P., Cordey, F., 2012. Stratigraphy of the Upper Hazelton Group and the Jurassic evolution of the Stikine terrane, British Columbia. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, vol. 49, p. 1027-1052.

Cordey, F., Tricart, P., Guillot, S., Schwartz, S., 2012. Dating the Tethyan ocean in the Western Alps with radiolarite pebbles from synorogenic Oligocene molasse basins (southeast France). Swiss Journal of Geosciences, vol. 105, n° 1, pp. 39-48. DOI: 10.1007/s00015-012-0090-8.

Gagnon, J.-F., Barresi, T., Waldron, J.W.F., Nelson, J.L., Poulton, T.P., Cordey, F., 2012. The Upper Hazelton Group and its significance for the Jurassic evolution of the Stikine terrane, British Columbia. Cordilleran tectonics workshop, Geological Association of Canada (GAC-MAC), abstracts.

Meresse F., Savva D., Pubellier M., Steuer S., Franke D., Cordey F., Muller C., Sapin F., Mouly B., Auxiètre J.-L., 2012. Late tectonic uplift of an inverted oceanic basin in South East Asia: the case of Palawan Island (western Philippines), Geophysical Research Abstracts, EGU, vol. 14, EGU2012-11644.

Mihalynuk, M.G., Zagorevski, A., Cordey F., 2012. Geology of the Hoodoo Mountain area (NTS 104B/14W), Geological Fieldwork 2011, BC Geological Survey Branch, Paper 2012-1, p. 45-67.

Baud, A., Richoz, S., Beauchamp, B., Cordey, F., Grasby, S., Henderson, C., Krystyn, L., Nicora, A., 2012. The Buday’ah Formation, sultanate of Oman: a middle Permian to Early Triassic record of the NeoTethys and the late Induan microsphere bloom. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, vol. 34, p. 130-143.

Sallouhi, H., Boughdiri M., & Cordey F., 2011. Tithonian Chitinoidellids of the South-Tethyan Margin of the Maghreb: New data from northern Tunisia. C. R. Palevol, vol. 10, p. 641-653.

Baud, A., Cordey, F., & Richoz, S., 2011. Buday'ah (Oman) and Arrows Rock (New Zealand): from a similar to divergent evolution of Permian-Triassic oceanic succession. ICCP abstract

Schwartz, J.J., Snoke, A.W., Cordey, F., Johnson, K., Frost, C.D., Barnes, C.G., LaMaskin, T.A., & Wooden, J.L., 2011. Late Jurassic magmatism, metamorphism and deformation in the Blue Mountains Province, Northeast Oregon, Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 123, no. 9/10, p. 2083–2111.

Lardeaux J.-M., Corsini M., Cornée J.-J., Münch P., et al. (J.C. Braga, F. Cordey, J.-F. Lebrun, J.L. Léticée, B. Marcaillou, M. Melinte-Dobrinescu, P. Moissette, F. Quillévéré, A. Randrianasolo, C. Verati, E. Voitus), 2011. La Désirade Field Trip, Jurassic basement and Pliocene-Early Pleistocene carbonate platform, Field-guide of 19th Caribbean Geological Conference, Le Gosier, Guadeloupe, March 25 and 26 th 2011, 26 p.

Mortensen, J.K., Lucas, K., Monger, J.W.H., & Cordey, F., 2011. Geological Investigations of the Basement of Quesnellia in southern British Columbia:  Progress Report, Geoscience BC, Report 2010, p. 133-142.

Gagnon, J.-F., Barresi, T., Waldron, J.W.F., Nelson, J.L., Poulton, T.P., Cordey, F. & Heaman, L.M. 2010. Revised stratigraphic framework of the Lower to Middle Jurassic Hazelton Group, northwestern British Columbia, Geological Association of Canada annual meeting (GAC-MAC), abstracts with programs.

Goodfellow, W.D., Geldsetzer, H., Gregoire, C., Orchard, M.J., & Cordey F., 2010. Geochemistry and origin of geographically extensive Ni(Mo, Zn, U)-PGE sulphide deposits hosted in Devonian black shales, Yukon; TGI abstract.

Richoz, S., Krystyn, L., Weidlich, O., Baud, A., Beauchamp, B., Bernecker, M., Cordey, F., Grasby, S., Henderson, C.M., Marcoux, J., Nicora, A., & Twitchett, R., 2010, The Permian- Triassic transition in the Oman Mountains, in Baud , A. & Bernecker, M., eds., IGCP 572, 2nd Field workshop, Field Guide Book 2: Muscat, GUtech, p. 1-109.

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Ruks, T., Mortensen, J. K., & Cordey F., 2009, Stratigraphic and paleotectonic studies of the middle Paleozoic Sicker group and contained volcanogenic massive sulphide occurrences, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, GSA Annual meeting, Cordilleran section, GSA Abstracts with Programs.

Cordey, F., & Cornée, J.-J., 2009, New radiolarian assemblages from La Désirade Island basement complex (Guadeloupe, Lesser Antilles Arc) and Caribbean tectonic implications, Bulletin de la Société Géologique de France, vol. 180, n° 5, p. 399-409.

Ruks, T., Mortensen, JK, & Cordey F., 2009, Preliminary results of geological mapping, U-Pb zircon dating, and micropaleontological and Pb isotopic studies of VMS-hosting stratigraphy of the Middle and Late Paleozoic Sicker and Lower Buttle Lake Groups on Vancouver Island, Geoscience BC Report 2009-1.

Cordey, F., & Bailly, A., 2007, Alpine ocean seafloor spreading and onset of pelagic sedimentation : new radiolarian data from the Chenaillet-Montgenèvre ophiolite (French-Italian Alps), Geodinamica Acta, vol. 20/3, p. 131-138.

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Mihalynuk, M.G., Erdmer, P., Ghent, E.D., Archibald, D., Friedman, R.M., Cordey, F. et Johannson, G.G., 2004 : Age Constraints for Emplacement of the Northern Cache Creek Ocean and Implications of Youngest Blueschist Metamorphism ; Geological Society of America Bulletin, vol. 116, n°7, p. 910-922.

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