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Publications Scientifiques


Cinq dernières publications les plus importantes :

THEVENARD F., BARALE, G., GUIGNARD, G., DAVIERO-GOMEZ, V., GOMEZ, B., PHILIPPE, M. & LABERT, N. (2005) – Reappraisal of the ill-defined fossil Liassic genus Dichopteris De Zigno (Plantae, Pteridospermales) with ultrastructural approach. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, 149 : 313-332.

WANG, Y., GUIGNARD, G., THEVENARD, F., DILCHER, D, BARALE, G., MOSBRUGGER, V., YANG, X. & MEI, S. (2005) – Cuticular anatomy of Sphenobaiera huangii (Ginkgoales) from the Lower Jurassic of Hubei, China. American Journal of Botany, 92 (4) : 711-723. (IF 99 : 2.383)

COIFFARD, C., GOMEZ, B. & THEVENARD, F. (2007) - Early Cretaceous Angiosperm invasion of Western Europe and major environmental changes. Annals of Botany,100 : 545-553 .

AUCOUR, A.-M., GOMEZ, B. SHEPPARD, S. & THEVENARD, F. (2008) – δ13C and stomatal number variability in the Cretaceous conifer Frenelopsis. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 257 : 462-473.

PHILIPPE, M., GOMEZ, B., GIRARD, V., COIFFARD, C., DAVIERO-GOMEZ, V., THEVENARD, F., BILLON-BRUYAT, J.-P., GUIOMAR, M., LATIL, J.-L., LE LOEUFF, J., NERAUDEAU, D., OLIVERO, D. & SCHLÖGL, J. (2008) – Woody or not woody ? Evidence for early angiosperm habit from the Early Cretaceous fossil wood record in Europe. Palaeoworld 17 : 142-152.