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Publications Scientifiques

(1) Cao, K., Leloup, P.-H., Wang, G., Liu, W., Mahéo, G., Shen, T., Xu, Y., Sorrel, P., Zhang, K. (2020). Thrusting, exhumation, and basin fill on the western margin of the South China block during the India-Asia collision. GSA Bulletin,

(2) Kalifi, A., Sorrel, P., Leloup, P.-H., Spina V., Huet, B., Galy, A., Rubino, J.-L., Pittet, B. (2020). Changes in hydrodynamic process dominance (wave, tide or river) in foreland sequences: The subalpine Miocene Molasse revisited (France). Sedimentology, doi: 10.1111/sed.12708

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(5) Sorrel, P., Eymard, I., Leloup P.-H., Mahéo, G., Olivier N., Sterb, M., Gourbet, L., Wang, GC., Jing W., Lu, H., Li, H., Yadong X., Zhang, K., Cao K., Chevalier M.-L., Replumaz A. (2017). Wet tropical climate in SE Tibet during the Late Eocene. Scientific Reports (Nature), 7:7809, DOI:10.1038/s41598-017-07766-9

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(7) Sorrel, P.*, Mathis, M.* (2016). Mid- to late Holocene coastal vegetation patterns in Northern Levant (Tell Sukas, coastal Syria): Olive tree cultivation history and climatic change. (* first authors). The Holocene 26 (6), 1–16.

(8) Pacton, M.*, Sorrel, P.*, Bevillard, B., Zacaï, A., Vinçon-Laugier, A., Oberhänsli, H. (2015). Sedimentary facies analyses from nano- to millimetre scale exploring past microbial activity in a high-altitude lake (Lake Son Kul, Central Asia). Geological Magazine, doi:10.101/S0016756814000831                                              (* first authors)

(9 Gourbet, L., Mahéo, G., Leloup P.-H., Paquette, J.-L., Sorrel, P., Henriquet, M., Liu, X., Liu, X. (2015). Western Tibet relief evolution since the Oligo-Miocene. Gondwana Research; doi:10.1016/

(10) Huang, X., Oberhänsli, H., von Suchodoletz, H., Prasad, S., Sorrel, P., Plessen, B., Mathis, M., Usubaliev, R. (2014). Hydrological changes in western Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan) during the Holocene as inferred from a palaeolimnological study in lake Son Kul. Quaternary Science Reviews 103, 134–152.

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(14) Tessier, B., Billeaud, I., Sorrel, P., Delsinne, N., Lesueur, P. (2012). Infilling stratigraphy of macrotidal tide-dominated estuaries. Factors of control and impacts of Holocene climate changes. The examples of the Seine estuary and Mont-Saint-Michel Bay, English Channel, NW France. Sedimentary Geology 279, 62–73.

(15) Huang, X., Oberhänsli, H., von Suchodoletz, H., Sorrel, P. (2012). Variations in minerogenic dust deposition in Aral Sea sediments : Implications for changes in climate and atmospheric circulation in western Central Asia during the past 2000 years. Quaternary Science Reviews 30 (25-26), 3661–3674.

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+ Corrigendum to “Hydrographic development of the Aral Sea during the past 2000 years based on a quantitative analysis of dinoflagellate cysts”. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 242, 137.

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