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Spectromètres de masse ICP

ICP mass spectrometers

The Lyon Lab of Geology hosts at the ENS a number of mass spectrometers called ICPMS, i.e. Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometers. These are labeled Moyen National by the INSU of the CNRS. The detection system allows measuring isotopic ratios using multi-collector (MC-ICP-MS) or concentrations using quadrupoles (classic ICP-MS). The laboratory hosts 3 MC-ICP-MS, 4 ICP-MS, 1 ICP-OES (optical ICP) and 1 TIMS, which is a multi-collector mass spectrometer with thermal ionization.



The Nu 1700 of Lyon, the third MC-ICP-MS of its generation to have a full high resolution, has been installed at the Laboratoire des Sciences de la Terre de Lyon in June 2008. This instrument allows high precision isotopic measurements for elements usually interfered with the ICP technique (i.e. Fe, S, Si…). A dedicated building has been specially built to house the instrument with harsh specifications in terms of vibrations, temperature and hygrometry.

The Nu 1700                                                                                 and its building (read more on the installation)


The Nu 500 has been shipped to the lab in 2005 in the interim of the Nu 1700’s arrival. It lived therefore few years together with the Plasma 54. In 2012, the lab has been equipped with a Neptune Plus.