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Coordinator : Vincent Grossi

Research themes :


People involved :

Permanent staff


Complete list of participants

ANTHEAUME Ingrid (Ingeneer) :Molecular and Isotopic Organic Geochemistry
ANDREANI Muriel (Lecturer) : Fluid-Rock Interactions
AUCOUR Anne-Marie (Lecturer) : Isotopic Geochemistry & Metabolisms
BALTER Vincent (Research Director) : Isotopic Geochemistry & Biomedecine
CADIOU Jean-Loup (PhD) : Isotopic Geochemistry & Metabolisms
CORDEY Fabrice(Professor) : Precambrian Micropaleontology
DANIEL Isabelle(Professor) : Mineral-Biomolecules Interactions
DROMART Gilles(Professor) : Exobiology
GROSSI Vincent(Research Director) : Molecular and Isotopic Organic Geochemistry
HAO Jihua (Post-doc) : Mineral-Biomolecules Interactions
JOVOVIC Ivan (PhD) : Organic Geochemistry
LEFEBVRE Bertrand (Research Fellow) : Ordovician Paleontology
LEMELLE Laurence(Research Fellow) : Biogeology
PABLO-GARCIA DEL REAL (Post-doc) : Mineral-Biomolecules Interactions
PEDREIRA-SEGADE Ulysse(PhD) : Mineral-Biomolecules Interactions
PERRIER Vincent (Lecturer) : Paleozoic Crises and Exceptional Preservation
PICHAT Sylvain (Lecturer) : Isotopic Geochemistry & Metabolisms
SALA David (PhD) : Organic Geochemistry
TACAIL Théo(PhD) : Isotopic Geochemistry & Metabolisms
VANNIER Jean(Research Director) : Precambrian and Cambrian Paleontology
VINÇON-LAUGIER Arnauld (PhD) : Organic Geochemistry

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