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CCC 2017

Thierry Alboussière
organise la première

"Compressible Convection Conference"

              le 18-22 septembre 2017 à Villeurbanne sur le site de l'UCBL

Vous trouverez également ci-dessous les objectifs du congrès (en anglais) :

Most studies of convection rely on approximate models of the governing equations: Boussinesq or other sound-proof models, anelastic, pseudo-incompressible... In the geophysical and astrophysical contexts, it is difficult to decide which model is most appropriate and the answer may depend on the particular scientific question under scrutiny. During this conference, we will discuss the limits and applicability of any model of convection in any of the diverse forms of convection: it may be driven by thermal, compositional, phase change or magnetic buoyancy effects. We will also consider compressibility effects in stably stratified cases and their impact on internal gravity, inertial or Alfven waves. In summary, all contributions about the limitations, failure or improvements of convection models are welcome, from an observational, experimental, numerical or theoretical point of view.

Plus d'informations sont disponibles sur le site :